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Meemure Two Days Tour - detail page

Meemure Two Days Tour - ITINERARY

Day 1 - Meemure After gathering in our rally point we will proceed towards Pinnawala orphanage where we will have our breakfast. After which we will proceed to Meemure through the last kingdom of Sri Lanka which is Kandy city also known for one of the world’s most sacred city, because it holds the Sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. Furthermore we will proceed towards Hunnasigiriya where we will enjoy our lunch. Then we will take a scenic route through the Knuckles mountain range roads which includes an off-road experience along the way to Meemure. This scenic route consists of scenic views and also we will need to make precautionary measures to void leeches, hairpin bends and blind corners to experience a thrilling adventurous ride. Then we will reach the famous land mark in Sri Lanka called Corbert’s Gap. After reaching our destination we will have the option of either camping in the wild or staying in a hotel whichever suits to spend our night in glee.
Day 2 - Meemure After enjoying a traditional Meemure breakfast we begin our hike into the jungle. En route our three hour hike we will come across paddy fields, scenic territory where we will have a challenging and fulfilling journey to a hidden waterfall. After spending some time in this glorious waterfall we will head back to the village for water activities. Before beginning our water activities, we will have lunch and make our way to Sooriya Arana waterfalls which is Meemure’s hotspot for water activities. Which includes confidence jumping, natural water sliding and various water adventuring. After a fulfilling experience we come back to our campsite for our last night of our adventure. Where we will spend time together thinking back to the two days we’ve had and the experiences we’ve shared alongside a cosy campfire under the night sky.
Day 3 - Starting Point After enjoying a traditional breakfast for the last time we will pack our belongings and prepare our bikes for the long journey back home. Making our way from Meemure to a secret pathway which is an off-road territory through a jungle which leads to a civilized village giving the impression of coming out from no mans land back to civilization. After having a joyous lunch to get our energies up, we have the option of re-visiting Kandy city which we passed through on our journey in Day 1. After which we will make a cautious and adventurous way back to where we began ending our long and once in a life time memorable experience.
Meemure Two Days Tour
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