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About us
Ceylon Max Travels LOGO

"You will come as a Stranger but you will leave as a Friend"

Ceylon Max Travels is a Sri Lankan traveling agency specialized in Car renting, Motorbike renting, Adventure activities such as Hiking, Camping, Water Activities, Wildlife Safari. We are experienced guides with more than twenty five years of experience. Our main goal is to provide our customers with best experiences and satisfaction.

With our experience of 25 years guidance we guarantee when you return back to you country, you will have the most beautiful memories to take back form our beautiful island.


With over 25 years of experience, we provide the best travel experience to our clients

Excellent trip planning
Covering every corner of the country and having the experience of every kind of of activities in Sri Lanka, we know what our clients expectations and what our clients need of fulfills and we provide them with the best travel plan possible with the best time management for a better experience.
Best tour pricing
Why spend a huge amount of money for traveling when you can get the same experience with a lower amount? We provide travel plans with the best guaranteed and minimal price in Sri Lanka for the unexpected best travel experience.
We love our clients
With our motto "You will come as a Stranger but you will leave as a Friend" we treat our clients as a family to Ceylon Max Travels. We are bound to treat our clients with best care possible and give the satisfaction of a best tour of their lifetime.