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Bopath Falls Tour - detail page

Bopath Falls Tour - ITINERARY

Having an energizing morning breakfast we will pick our bikes and head towards the small montane territory of Sri Lanka. Bopath fall is a well-known Sri Lankan waterfall among the locals before of its hidden beauty and its natural splendor. The name "Bopath Ella" has been given to the waterfall because of its shape. The water flows through a narrow gap in the rocks and then widens, forming the shape of a leaf of a "Bo" tree which is the Sinhalese name for sacred fig (Ficus religiosa). "Path" means leaves of a tree and "Ella" means waterfall. Virgin forests with a rich biodiversity surround the waterfall.

Bopath Ella is 30 metres (98 ft.) high. It is formed from the Kuru Ganga, which is a tributary of the Kalu Ganga. Its mean rate of flow is 6 square metres (65 sq. ft.) per second, and its catchment area receives an average rainfall of 5,080 millimeters (200 in) annually. Water from the falls is used for paddy cultivation. Bopath Ella is also the most comprehensively studied waterfall in the country.

Our first stop will be in the Awissawella town to refresh ourselves in a delicious cup of tea. Then head straight towards the Bopath falls. Having reached it we have the opportunity to dip into a pond where the waterfall ends. Refreshing ourselves in a cold and fresh water pond. In here we will have our lunch.

Furthermore we will be heading trough the rural village mountain sides, experiencing hairpin turns and montane territory in a really captivating adventurous experience. Going through this villages you will get an idea on how the rural village people live their lives far from cities and urban areas.

Finally we will head back towards Negombo through even more adventurous roads and conclude our joyous day making unforgettable memories and rich life experiences.

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