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Kalpitiya Fishing Village - detail page

Kalpitiya Fishing Village - ITINERARY

Having a refreshing morning breakfast in the Negombo sunrise we will head towards the northern part of the country where we will come across a lot of fishing villages along the coast line. Rich in natural beauty, Kalpitiya's history is no less interesting. Records going far back reveal that the peninsula was associated with maritime trade and smuggling escapades since ancient times. It was first colonised by the Portuguese in early 17th Century. The arrival of the Dutch eventually resulted in the ousting of the Portuguese from here and elsewhere in the island. Historical records show that during the Dutch period of the island's colonial history, the northern end of the peninsula was used as a strategic base for a military garrison and naval outpost to monopolise trade supplies to the mainland. A well preserved Dutch-era fort (incorporating an earlier Portuguese-era church) occupied by the Sri Lanka Navy, and a Dutch church remain today.

Nowadays Kalpitiya is well known for Kite surfing, wind surfing, snorkeling and diving as well as dolphin watching. It is still an untouched area in Sri Lanka still maintaining its natural beauty. Our first stop will be the fishing villages in Wennappuwa where we will see the processing of the dry fish. Afterwards we will go along the coastal line until Chilaw where will refresh ourselves with a delicious cup of tea. Having reached Kalpitiya we will have lunch before we swim in its beautiful sea.

Finally we will visit the Dutch port and the fishing villages where will come across sandy ocean tracks adding to the adventurous experience. Furthermore we will also indulge in ourselves in drinking Sri Lankan Toddy to go with the local cultural experience. Then we will head back to Negombo thinking of the experiences and memories we shared in this unforgettable day.

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