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Heritage Tour of Panduwasnuwara - detail page

Heritage Tour of Panduwasnuwara - ITINERARY

After having our morning breakfast and refreshing ourselves we will make our way to the second kingdom of Sri Lanka which is Paduwasnuwara. Elaborating on the vast history of this ancient capital city, As the Successor of his uncle king Kirti Sri Megha, prince Parakramabahu became the ruler of Dakkhinadesa in 1140 A.D. It was the first capital of Parakramabahu and one of the three discrete kingdoms into which the Island was divided. Historical evidences prove that king Parakramabahu had made steps to develop the infrastructure and other common facilities in the ruling territory. During this time period he had constructed a separate tooth temple at Panduwasnuwara Raja Maha Vihara premises for tooth relic of Buddha to keep it safe. After series of successful battles with his enemies Parakramabahu managed to conquer the control of entire nation and moved to Polonnaruwa where his new capital was built. The tooth relic of Buddha was also brought with him as the reputed symbol of principality.

The first stop we will be making afterwards will be the ancient Hindu temple in Chilaw which dated back before the first century, called the Munneswaram Hindu temple. Afterwards we will head towards the central part of the country where we will visit the ruins of Paduwasnuwara which is really an archeological wonder.

After witnessing the great ruins of Paduwasnuwara we will proceed to have our lunch after which we will be heading towards a rural village to experience untouched off-road territory. After travelling through the village we will reach a small temple after which we will indulge ourselves in a delicious cup of tea. Finally we will head back before the sunset reminiscing of our memories and the experiences we had and shared during the day.

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